Why Sensory

The first few years of a baby’s life are chaotic and beautiful. This is reflected on the way their billions of brain cells develop a good brain. Advancement in technology and research show that strong, early positive experiences help support the child’s chance of future success and achievement.

The baby is born with billions of brain cells, which are called neurons. Neurons have a specialized role of signal processing and communication. The connections made between these are called synapses, these connections create a map which later progresses onto more complex connections.

The synapses form connections through experiences. Stimulation and interaction derives from experiences which creates this base of connections. As the synapses get stronger they help the babies cognitive development, they strengthen the babies memory and ongoing learning abilities. So the child’s experiences will play a role in how their brain processes information and what information enters the brain.

Once the synapses become more efficient they are coated and protected by Myelin. This aids the electrical impulses which flow through the neurons to send messages even faster, thus having a more effective outcome.

At Sunflower Seedling we have started to focus on the visual and language element of encouraging this good growth by building strong foundations for their future success.
Visual stimulation is encouraged from birth. The contrast in colour helps the baby to focus and improves concentration skills. High contrast images are beneficial in the first months of the babies life as their eyes haven’t fully developed. As the retinas develop they start to see more colours and their shades, and this will aid in the adventures in their new world.

The baby will primarily see the high contrast bold colours and shapes at the start of their life outside. However, later on they become more intrigued by patterns and more intricate detailing of shapes, this will hold their concentration for longer periods of time. We have incorporated both of these elements into our pieces.

You can introduce sensory experiences even before the child can walk, talk and play. Repetition through these experiences are key as they will create a strong base for memory and concentration.