In the beginning


Once upon a time there was a little girl called Rosie. She grew up in the heart of England, in the beautiful city of Leicester.

During her ‘little’ years she loved to play in the garden with worms, draw, daydream and make things from things! Her childhood creativity was inspired by her grandad who was a designer and maker of beautiful furniture. She would spend her weekends helping her grandad whilst secretly smelling the aroma from the fresh cut wood.

Designing, creating and making, surrounded Rosie’s childhood and she found her own magic within this.

Little school was successful but required lots of thinking for the big future. At such a young age, Rosie had a long list of things she wanted to be when she was older, but she was adamant that she would become a postman!
However, for 20 years she studied art and design, all the way from little school to the extremely big schools. Where you wear funny shaped hats and long gowns when you finished all the work. She loved art and design so much that she went to two big schools to study the world she loved.

Briefly, she had to move away from the town she lived in, to study. After many sunrises and sunsets she moved back, when the designing was complete and all the many words had been written on paper. When she was back in Leicester she started creating her own designs on extremely large pieces of canvases. These designs were intricately embellished, each with its own personality. When she was accepted to go to the next big school, these designs were wrapped up and almost forgotten.

Little Rosie was now not so little anymore, she had grown bigger and had acquired lots of experience and knowledge about the world and her passion, but she still liked to fly kites and look at the sky while she was walking. Rosie soon welcomed her own little seedling into her life.
The experience of being a mummy for Rosie was quite overwhelming. Through this chaotic beauty, one night she found her canvases and smiled! She started to re-create the designs which she worked on many years ago, she began to make a world through her drawings, which were not only beautiful, but engaging for all seedlings.

Rosie took all of her younger memories and new experiences, mixed them with a huge amount of lovely magic and created enchanted stories and visual stimulation for babies.

Today, Rosie still loves to do what she did when she was younger! However, she did not become a postman but is working quite happily creating a beautiful world, drinking lots of lovely tea, and making extraordinarily amazing memories for her own seedling.

(Rosie is the founder and designer of Sunflower Seedling.)